Client Testimonials


It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Will at PNP Fitness. His patience and persistence have helped to keep me focused and committed. I walked into PNP Fitness having tried all the diet fads. Trust me...all of them. Will has helped me realize it’s about balance. And it’s most definitely not all about the scale. With Will’s guidance I have readjusted how I view success. I am enjoying my life, eating food, and still crushing goals. I’m a work in progress but also learning to love myself along the way. To me, that is EVERYTHING. If you are ready to make real, lasting changes in your life, you need to reach out to PNP Fitness. 

-Stephanie H.

I started coming into PNP Fitness and seeing Will because I really needed accountability. I have been working out for years, but after starting a company and getting out of my routine, my workouts had begun to be further and further apart. I reached out to Will and he had me come in and discuss my goals. He kept everything super fun and casual, while also getting in a solid workout. I couldn’t believe after just a half hour session how sore I was the next day! If you want someone to keep you accountable, while also making you feel like you’re having a good time, definitely give the team at PNP Fitness a call. 

-Debbie J.



Eight years ago I started on my journey of becoming healthier. I met with a trainer at a popular gym that had me eating a very restricted diet and working out 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. I lost all of the weight...and gained it all back over the last few years after I gave up my diet. Flashback to five months ago when I met Will at PNP Fitness and we had our first meeting. He explained to me that there was NO diet, working out 3 days a week was sufficient, AND said it would work! Will has set me up to succeed for the rest of my life. He has helped me regain a healthy relationship with food, and in turn with myself. The best part is that it’s working just like he said it would. I’m losing weight, losing inches, eating a lot and never feel restricted! I highly recommend PNP Fitness to anyone looking for long term success- so everyone! 

-Suzanne G.